Sanctuary Bank Bug/Glitch - Missing Items

For some reason when I go to my bank on Sanctuary all of the loot I stored disappears. This is the third time this as happened in the past four days of playing Borderlands 3. All those hours and days of farming legendaries gone in a instant. Now I don’t want to put anything in the bank because I don’t want it to disappear again. This bug needs to be fix Immediately with some type of compensation. The weapons can be replaced but the time I spent farming them can’t.


Bank … do NOT store anything in you’re bank because as soon as you close the game it’s all gone .


I stored a few things in the bank as soon as I first got to Sanctuary III and they are still there three days later for me. At least it’s nothing too significant if something happens, only the deluxe edition guns and things like that that I can just make a new char to get again.

Doesn’t seem to happen to me. I’ve had guns and cosmetics in there for a while now, but they haven’t been lost.


Happened to me too, I had a full bank and it’s all gone. This needs to be fixed ASAP!!! I posted it on twitter as well but nobody responds.


Oh man this is a depressing thought. So far my bank has survived me logging out and in once; first playing with spouse, then with a group.

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Not an issue for me. I’ve turned the game off about 12 times since launch.

Hope it doesnt happen. It’s full of legendaries

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This happened to my wife as well, so far hasn’t happened to me.

Happened to me today. Looking through all the threads on here to see if gearbox has made an announcement as to the state of this issue. I have 0 confidence in the bank as is and back pack is getting quite full.

My bank is full of annointed legendaries, and none of mine have disappeared out of my vault…

Happened to me twice. Both occasions I lost some legendaries. It’s awful.

What platform is this happening on? Haven’t had any trouble on PC yet.
Also, as an alternative, you can use the display mounts in your room near the safe.

It might be helpful to specify what you’re playing on. So far I haven’t had this happen on the XBOne.

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On the PS4.

Ah, dang. I just had this happen on PC. Guess it’s happening everywhere.

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There is a possibility that the bank issue crops up when you create a new character as the bank is shared between saves (basically a large version of the BL2 stash). Not been able to confirm this, so if you’re posting in the thread about this please comment on that.

Just happened to me on XboxOne. approx. 40 items mostly legendaries all gone :frowning:

I have a main character and 2 mules with full bank and full back pack

Knock on wood. I havent lost anything

Happens shortly after I made my 3rd character. Transferred items from the first to the third using bank, then when I went back later they were gone. Hope this helps!

Could be, yeah.

This is pretty much how it went. Was on Amara the day before I lost the stuff in my bank. The next day I continued with my Zane (who was just at level 1 infront of the propaganda center). Rushed through the campaign up to getting to Sanctuary. Cleared the Lost&Found stash (that was full because of Amara). Went to sell all that lvl 50 loot. Bought sdus but noticed on the bank sdu it said that the contents was 0/35. Went to check on the bank but found it empty.

This was on PC.

I’m not touching the bank again until they fix the issues with it.