Sanctuary Bank Bug/Glitch - Missing Items

Hi All same issue here with me.

I’m on PC. Logged in 3 days ago to find all items missing in vault and have checked each day since but they havn’t re-appeared.
I play solo mainly and have played 1 co-op with a friend.

All i’ve been told is to watch the Twitter page for an update. I refuse to play the game till updated as i’m ceebs having to deal with the issue over and over like some of you above.

Should there be a sticky topic that lets players know to avoid putting stuff in the bank and use mules instead ?

One thing I noticed about the bank is that whenever I load the game and open it up for the first time every item is flagged as new with the icon that disappears when you scroll over the item. I’m no programmer but this seems somehow wrong to me, like player storage is recreating your loot as new items every time you load the game, join a game, leave a game, go online, go offline, etc. So if opening the bank is just like opening a loot chest w fixed drops, and based on what little information we’ve received on this it’s pulling that ‘drop list’ from some clientside item code list that keeps track of your loot, then it’s probably constantly being rewritten. I imagine there would be a lot of potential problems if stored loot is actually clientside, it seems like that would be easier to abuse, but that’s basically what support keeps telling people. In this scenario it’s possible that all it would take is a ‘netcode’ error where it doesn’t read the item list for whatever reason when loading/joining/leaving a game, the game reads the bank as empty, then automatically updates the item list with nothing instead of all your hard-earned loot.

Obviously I have no actual idea, just grasping at straws really. For a game based on acquiring loot to have player storage that can randomly delete most of your loot is basically a game-breaking bug. However they go about fixing this very serious issue, we also really need some kind of individual character loot storage aside from the backpack, bank or the wall, even if it’s not 50 items worth.

It’s about time we had a Dev response to this. Over 200 replies, almost entirely people having the same problem and those are just the folks who read the forums and can be bothered contributing. Lets assume thousands of other people are having the same isssue.

I encourage everyone to send in a ticket.


That’s what I thought too, “It’s not happening to me” when I’ve had about 50 hours of gameplay on moze but lo and behold I logged in yesterday and all my stuff was gone (also I haven’t played co op or split screen yet). So I recommend putting all your precious items in your inventory for now until they put a patch out for it.

Heads up

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This just happened to my husband. His vault us totally empty. He is so mad he is ready to quit playing . I see these posts are two weeks old and this still is not fixed. I would think this would be high priority instead of nerfing loot farming. If we are going to keep losing all our stuff, they need to revert this loot nerf.

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Just lost 50 legendary s way to go gearbox thanks a lot u DK

Send in tickets though emails don’t post on forms they read it 1 year later. Doing tickets would be faster to get a reply.

Play split screen on PS4, I am always the 2nd player have only 1 character Zane and loot has been lost multiple times. Keep putting one garbage item in box to see what happens. The person I always play with is always player 1 has multiple characters and box has not been lost yet. Seems to be the 2nd player only? Anyone play solo only lose it? I also don’t have PS plus but friend (player 1) does.

Just got “wiped” again.
Seriously, its pathetic…
Well at least now, every single time I move anything in or out of the Bank, I copy the whole Save folder just in case. So this time around at least I could just overwrite the Profile save file.

As of september 30th the bank glitch is still ongoing i just lost a full bank 50/50 of legendaries im pissed

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Yea, just suffered the same fate. 50/50 legendaries gone. Just gotta keep grinding. I’m annoyed but, I’ll keep playing the game.

I lost my bank items yesterday. I had to use a backup save file(profile.sav), and fortunately I could restore all of my items this time, but I’m worried that this might cause another problem.

I’ve seen people get legendaries with their golden keys also, not just purples. That’s weird though, that the bank has 2 save locations and that the game may confuse itself.

For everyone that kisses their shazz, before modifying your bank launch a multiplayer game fist and check again I guess.

someone give this man a QA job

Lost all my items in bank today…

Just happened to me. Thanks GBX. I honestly don’t want to play the game anymore if I’m going to lose a FULL BANK of items, quest rewards, etc.


Absolutely. 100% repeatable bug for me.

There is a work around: leave the session first before the host quits the game. When you’re done before the host exits to main menu or shuts down the game.

And backup your files in case there is a crash.

— devs —

This bug has got to be one of the highest priorities to fix. This is murdering our experience. It deserves a reply to the community.


Anything from the Devs?