Sanctuary Bank Bug/Glitch - Missing Items

as of right now the only way to actually play would be to use a mule account, which to me is absolutely convoluted and I really kind of regret signing up for the DLC before seeing the final product… oof.

My son and I just lost our loot from our vault for the 4th time yesterday after our game said it had an update! Also, all of our check points and fast travel points deleted as well! This game is severely broke! Gearbox doesn’t care either! I put in a support ticket and they don’t do anything! Too focused on nerfing everything!

So when we lose everything in the bank where do we report it?

At this point, it’s not worth your time to report. GB is aware of the issue, and when they supposedly patched it last week, they explicitly stated that lost items are gone, you’re SOL. I’ve taken to making a copy of my save folder before every session.


I think what they are saying is when you solo or host, you have room # 1 as your room with the bank in that room. If you split screen and are not the host you end up in room 2,3 or 4 and they imply that they are different banks. Thats wild.

I always assumed the issue was the instant items saving they implemented to prevent duping. Having a game save all the time is resource intensive and increases the chance for errors greatly,


Did any/all of you open the eridium chest(s) on Skywell-27 and then save there prior to noticing your items missing? It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with co-op specifically.

no the lost items have little to nothing to do with it in my experience. Since I run a mule split screen I have a lot of unfortunate experience with bank contents evaporating for the non host character.

I had losses on my first character too, and I don’t honestly remember if it happened when I joined friends after completing normal.

It’s interesting as a design flaw. The contents of an account’s bank should never “go” anywhere.

The assigned room should only allow a player to view that content.

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Glad I found this thread, I lost all my legendaries from the bank.

Yes. That’s my case. Split Screen and be the 2nd player.

Just happened to me today, checked my bank which was full of 50 lvl 50 legendaries, including all of moze legendary class mods, all gone now.

Has there been any announcement by a developer about a fix for this and when? The only thing I have seen is on twitter where they say “we are working on it.” It’s gone on way too long now since the game launched. A lot of people just quit playing because of this issue.

Ps4, no CO op online or otherwise.
Lost them shortly after getting the eridian fabricator.

I got a reply saying they have passed my ticket to their back end team. No golden keys, no workaround.

My character now has only 6 free spaces in his inventory that aren’t taken up my legendaries I don’t want to lose but can’t store. Could I post them to my friend and save them that way?


If your friend has space for them and doesn’t mind storing them for you - when you email something to a friend it returns to you if they don’t accept it within a certain time period (5 days I think?)

I just had this happen to me too. I figured out why it happens. The game merges multiple characters banks together, same with lost loot. When this happens it doesn’t know what to do with currently stored loot so it deletes it. Or it take primary over the new characters bank (that holds nothing). That was a lot of items lost I was going to use to level my other characters. They wonder why we find shortcuts in these games…

This has only happened to me when i went offline and then back online. Before you go into offline mode, take everything out of your bank. Then while youre in offline, you then go ahead and store everything back in your bank. For this reason i have 4 or 5 alts to hold gear to clear my bank for farming.

This happen to me today once again, I loose all of my unique weapons and this is very horrible to me, please do somethings guys :’(

Is it confirmed that this happens when a player switches from offline to online? It would make sense as until recently when I play alone I was offline and when I played with my buddy I suppose I was online. I play online all the time now and oddly enough, the one crappy level 50 weapon I put in my bank as a test is still there.

Gearbox’s true end game I making you farm everything twice or more in some cases :wink:
On a serious note it happened to me a week ago as well. Xbox X a mix between co op and solo…
-Rage quit for a few days…
-Started playing again…
-Noticed they are nerfing playstyles that streamers and you tubers advertise as OP…
-Lost the rest of my desire to play unfortunately…
-Can’t save cool stuff unless you use mules which is a pain in the butt.
-Can’t create a (fun) (OP) builds in fear of it getting nerfed…

Game at its core is a blast and definitely Borderlands , butI hope these get ironed out soon before I give gearbox the same treatment as bungie and Bethesda (boycott)