Sanctuary Bounty Board - How to get missions?

I went about half the game and have never met a quest related to the Sanctuary Bounty Board. I would like to receive an official answer. After reading the info on this “Bug”, I found out that you need friends who play in BL3 and kill a rare mob, after you can get an order for it, this info is 100% or it’s still a “bug” and in a solo game without friends playing in BL 3, you also can get these orders?

Then, in fact, the second question is, do I need a subscription PS Plus or is there enough access to Internet and friends?

You need friends to kill those rare spawn in order to recieve “bounty” on them.

I don’t think you need PS+, as long your Social tab works you should be able to receive the Bounty Missions.


Thanks for answer)

What? Where is the bounty board? Lvl 38 and play online, how have I missed this?

The wall, other side of the golden chest (across).

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If you have friends who play Borderlands 3, you can get an order for rare enemies, but for the order to be activated, it is necessary that your friends kill him first.

For example: dinkle bot has a chance of appearing about 10 - 20% per game session, and having completed an order for it you will receive a guaranteed spawn in each session and you will be able to farm it quickly.

If you do not mind, add me as a friend and you can test this theory - Dedal_l

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Thanks, really appreciate it! I’ll definitely add you when I get back home next week.

I could use an add.

Psn the-avagantamose

I know this is an old thread but could someone add me as a friend so I can access the notice board also? My PSN is Hottpockett1 thanks ahead of time!

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Lol know one I know plays BL… Farrk. No bounties for me hey.

Dude I’ll add you now, at least then the board becomes active

thanks bud!

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Haha community has its upside! May the lewt gods be with you!