Sanctuary Bounty Board - Steam Friend List

This post is intended to provide a list of players of the game in Steam (which is distinct from the friend list in Epic, for which there is a similar post here) for the purpose of keeping the Bounty Board in Sanctuary III populated. When someone in your friends list completes one of the challenges, it renews this challenge for the players in their friends list. The more people that share friends in this network, the more often those bounties will be refreshed.

To do this, just post a reply with your Steam code listed at the end of your post on its own line to make it as easy as possible for visitors to copy and paste into the ‘Add A Friend’ dialog in Steam (see picture below). You can certainly reply with your Steam handle, but those searches are usually a little funny because lots of people tweak their handles over time. For example, if someone says, “Jones” and you search for it, you’ll get dozens of hits, and now you have to try to figure out which “Jones” it is.

Disclaimer: only do this if you are comfortable with a bunch of public randos adding you as a friend. I specifically categorize/tag these requests as, “S3 Bounty Board Buddies” to keep them separate from my actual online friends, but you manage your friends as you see fit. Also, it is up to you as a poster to add everyone in the topic above you: we’re not going to review this post to add each new poster, so replying with ‘add me’ won’t work. On that note, feel free to add me on Steam with my friend code below: I hammer these bounties often.


What? Lol. (Im Xbox). :joy:

Moved to the PC online play section.


Thanks man… had a heck of a time finding that other post in the tech support section. :laughing:

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Wow. Quiet around here.


I should be the only BuddyPharaoh out there. (There are multiple Mehhhs though.)

Part of it is because the DLC/Events have been pretty regular, which come with new and maybe better loot, which pulls a lot of focus away from these bounties. Part of it may be because these spawns are pretty regular now (like I don’t think the mission needs to be active to find these enemies in their camps). Another part of of it is because everyone is just posting their number and assuming everyone above them in the thread will add them so it isn’t quite working right. :laughing:

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