Sanctuary Bounty Board

So i’ve beaten the game, reached level 50 and have done every side mission available. But then i find out there’s supposed to be a notice or bounty board on sanctuary with some side missions about killing dinklebot and others. This mission board doesnt show up for me. Is it DLC or something? I bought the super deluxe edition. Any help would be awesome


Ran into the very same problem, Finished normal playthrough, never had a single quest pop-up on this notice board, have no clue where its even located.

I have the same issue, i was never able to get the quest kill wick and warty, and even in TVMH more than halfway into promethea still no bounty board; even though i did all the “hunt” encounters i could come across.

I don’t have a Sanctuary notice board, either…

Has Anyone been able to find this? I got 99% completion on the galaxy map and I’ve never heard about a bounty board in sanctuary until now

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From what I think I read the bounties show up when you’re friends die/kill these rare spawned enemies.

I’ve had no problem getting these reoccurring missions (several times) but I also have close to 400 friends on the Epic Store.

How many EGS friends do you guys have?

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Ok I just found where the bounty board is supposed to be (opposite the golden chest) but it’s INVISIBLE! the sound effects play as I walk up to it but nothing appears. So I guess I’m screwed


So, same problem here. Please, help with it, my gametag Daniel McThunder, add to friends. Solve this problem together.:fist_right::fist_left:

Hey i’m Having the same problem i don’t have any Friends on EGS that has BL3 are Any1 able too add me if that what needed for the Board to spawm?!


I’m having the same problem too. I have completed the main story in TVHM and still don’t have a bounty board.

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Add more Epic Game Store friends. Feel free to add me: Squidney2k1

Hey guys i think i found something to fix this
Everywhere in the world you can find these audio tapes you can put in the echo-3 (i hope you know what i mean) and sometimes they discribe an enemy, animal, or boss and these pop up missions on the bounty board on your ship i have done like 10 bounties already
i hope this help for you guys


well guess we need to spam friends… add me SpursFTW is my tag

feel free to ad me :wink:


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Same problem feel free to add me. Magika Mitch is my tag

Added a bunch of you guys here. Also feel free to add me too. Epictag is Blastonite

Adding some of y’all for this. If you wanna add me, just say ur from this forum thread.

Epic name: doubleten10

Yours didn’t work: Squidney2k1

Feel free to add me: GeldricTV
I’ve sent out requests to most on this thread

Same prob glad im not the only feel free to add me
Epic name is Jokeingskull

I have the same problem…