Sanctuary Bug reports...using a offline account to mule always end up in crash

my handle is EvilAg3nttttman on ps4.
in the past few months,ever since your latest patch,my game has been Consistently crashing in sanctuary and i have lost Entire collections of weapons,artifacts and MODS.

heres how it goes for me.
i go to sanctuary and then bring in my offline second account to use as the mules because we simply do not have enough storage space in the game.

i have no clue why you made the bank worthless for multiple characters,a Shared bank does Nothing for the game except limit us even further.
plus when you did that i lost all the items and stuff i had in those banks before you made it Shared.
for example,i have almost 300 mods,much less gun collections/variants and so forth.

Description of problem:
ill start dropping my good stuff to make room to cleanout bank/characters…
/yes im dropping my stuff on top of the tables not on the floor.

at some point in the process the game WILL crash not maybe not gawd i hope it doesnt happen again it Will crash.
ive sent so many error reports this week and tbh,im about done playing the game with this bug problem.
im frustrated beyond belief,last nite i lost my snowdrift white elephant and my Best zane mods.
those took Eons of Farming to acquire and im losing the will to play.

i can tell you this…the game crashes because of something to do with the dual accounts because it doesnt happen to me in single play in sanctuary,or even with a full house of others.
it isnt because of movement or actions being used either because 99.9% of these crashes are happening while im not Touching either controller and am in the middle of getting ready to.
so im not sure what is Really causing these crashes because as far as i can tell,its not being done by me on my end?
it also isnt because of too many items,several of the crashes have been with as few as 5 items/like last nite :frowning: when the One good op zane mod that i had after all that farming evapped.

thanks for reading this…
please help,because i love bl3 but i am having a hard time Wanting to play after losing so much of my stuff.

Did you consider doing this in different map?

Wished I could help but I’m just a civilian player (not GB). Only thing I can say is – I also put things off on mules created on a second PSN account (a third account too!) and I have not had the problem you describe. I’ve had a few items drop out of site. I’ve had a few crashes after I exit out my mule account (but not lost anything). I wonder if you have too many mules on the account? (I have about 10 to 15 on my two alt accounts).

A few things I try to be careful about: log out the mule first before exiting the game; I drop things on second floor hall by Maurice (lost drops may be found under the floor there); make backups! often (I use USB saves & rename the folder on PC after each save, so, a history of saved folders).

Sorry for your misery :worried:

As its to mule acounts; you can also use the mail system if your mule is a friend - have 7 days to collect it, can do it through splitscreen too
i have a feeling with all theyve tried to patch up sanctuary (loot falling through floor) theres an increased polygon count; this with the added screen effects of anointed weapons skyrockets the system to low performance; so much so that i cant check through lost loot for more than 45 secconds before my fans get into overdrive

I found this to work best, the various slaughters work perfectly since the maps are smaller

Also cant stress this enough, I make backups every week at the least - to 1 of 3 different usb drives and just cycle through them

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had a new bug show up,this one involves choosing something out of your bank while other people are ingame with you.
it made the mod disappear from Both my inventory and bank.
it also did the same to another player with a shield.
when we jumped to a diff map,the lost mod suddenly showed up on my character Equipped!!??
and my former smg mod was gone…
some Really weird stuff going on.

also,to those of you who said mules in diff maps ty ill try that.