Sanctuary Challenges - Three Eridium Bug

I have been working through the challenges for Sanctuary and the triple eridium challenge on the fruit machines is not registering, I have got three bars four times now and it will not show as completed under the challenges section.

Is there any way round this or is this a known bug?



I have a 360 so unable to do a screen grab so I took a screen shot with a picture machine :grinning:

You have to get the 4 bar stacks of eridum, not 3 single bars- 3 stacks of the 4 bar pile will net you the reward…

Just save yourself the trouble and skip this challenge.

It’s really not worth it for 5 BAR. It can take several hours til you get it.

Thank you. Reading the description of the challenge it is a little ambiguous, as it stated ‘Triple Eridium Bars’ I read as getting three of them, my bad :laughing:

At least it helped to get the extra slots in my backpack :grin: