Sanctuary crew quarters

How do you open a crew quarter for your character? The reason I ask is because I first played as zane and now I am playing as Fl4k and a quarter isn’t opened for him so Fl4k is sharing in the same room as zanes.

It’s always tied to number of players, so if you are playing solo or as the host first room is always yours.

It would have been nice if the crew quarters for each character were open during solo play with each room having it’s own bank to store weapons and gear.

Thanks for your help.

BL2 did it that way with a per-character vault and you had to use Claptrap’s stash to move things between characters.

Making the bank shared in BL3 has made it far easier to share gear between characters but the downside is you can’t create mule characters to store endless quantities of gear. Well, you can, but only in their very limited inventories.

just trow away dups and non anointed… there’s 0 need to hang on to those…

if your stash is full with nothing but great rolls then you’re at the end of the rope… but i don’t see anybody having done just that…