Sanctuary mission board refresh?

I did the first two missions a while ago, and no new missions have popped up. Is there a manual way to make it refresh?

You mean the rare kill quests that sometimes appear in Sanctuary?

If so those aren’t actual missions. It is a bonus. I mean some people played the previous games and never managed to encounter rare spawn characters. So this time around Gearbox made it so if one of your friends (on your friends list) kills a rare spawn creature, then everybody on their friends list wil be given the option to accept a quest to kill that rare spawn (and since it is considered a quest) you are given a 100% chance to see and kill that rare spawn.

What if you play solo and none of your friends play the game will quests still pop up??

Unfortunately no or at least not that I’ve noticed .

So as long as people are on your friends list you’ll get them?

GBX have added more frequent appearances by rare spawns to the event that starts tomorrow and runs for two weeks. So the next 14 days should be a good opportunity to farm those.