Sand hawk variant guns

Ok so I’ve come across a situation where I’m battling Pete the invincible and I’m a level higher than him but keep dying. I watched a video on the sand hawk guns and realized that I stupidly sold the gun not knowing it was an awesome one, is there anyway possible to get it back? If yes would it be in a vending machine?

Are you on uvhm? If so you’d have to reset the playthrough and do the dlc up to the quest again. If your not in uvhm you’ll have to wait till the next mode and do the dlc for it. Or there’s always trading.

I’m guessing that this is in NVHM, since you’re a higher level than Pete. Sandhawk is a unique quest reward that you only get from completing the mission “Whoops” in the Pirate dlc. And as @Piemanlee said: You can only get it once on each playthrough. When you’re in UVHM, you can reset the whole playthrough, and do it all over again to get your favourite gear at your prefered level.

Pete is a relatively easy boss, but when you’re not familiar with him, he will down you. The only thing you really need to worry about is his novas. They’re nasty, and require you to wash off the DoT with one of the waterfalls. And for every time you turn on these waterfalls, the enemies that emerge will increase one level. When you need to wash off a DoT, use the waterfall that has the ammo supply next to it. Spiderants come out of that pipe. Rats come out of the other on if you activate that one. Rats have guns, and spiderants don’t. Simple, eh! :slight_smile:

If you block line of sight when he releases his novas, you can avoid them altogether. Use the scaffolding opposite the spiderant sewer, and run around it. Learn his patterns, and draw him out in the open in between the novas, and fire away.

You can use just about any gun, as long as it’s not fire or corrosive element. The Sandhawk isn’t necessary. Which character are you using?

I’m siren currently

Didn’t know this. I was having trouble with him too. Next time I hop on I’m gonna go make a visit.

If you go down the Cataclysm tree, you can use Ruin to slag him. Most of her skills are more or less useless in this particular fight, so re-specing is always an option. Here’s a clip of me fighting him. I use a Sandhawk and a Bee, but it’s on OP 8, and it speeds up things a bit.

Ok but I can’t restart the dlc without restarting the whole game cuz I’m playing on PS3 and it comes in the game disc already. :disappointed: