Sand Hawks Wanted Plz ;3;)/

Getting the Sand Hawk to spawn with the ideal parts/element attributes can be very difficult. I’ve been trying to get a dahl stock + dahl grip + corrosive/fire yet I have had no luck as of yet. Anyone willing to trade for one? If so, what would you like in return?

I have a Corrosive Flying Sandhawk with Dahl Stock but Maliwan Grip, closest i’ve got to perfect.

Just now realized I forgot to add this important bit of info:
Sand Hawks must be level 50 (I don’t have the upgrade packs).

What level is it? Sounds pretty nice as the maliwan part should boost its elemental abilities.

It’s probably the second best grip, boosts elemental effect chance. Unfortunately it’s level 72.

Darn. Well, thanks for offering anyways. :slight_smile:

I would drop mine, but that title tells me not to. It’s also level 61, so…