Sandblast Scar Question

Playing as Moze at level 37 on PC and have just completed Konrad’s Hold. On entering Sandblast Scar I opted to stop to get some admin done. The map for Sandblast Scar looks like a long and potentially difficult drive. As the special car is carrying Patricia Tannis’s Eridium Amplifier I presume this will need to get to the other end of the drive in one piece. If the car, for whatever reason, is destroyed is it ‘Game Over’ or can you respawn the car and amplifier at the start or better still en-route?

You can respawn it any time on many stations. You can even do the whole map on foot if you want.
It’s easy drive btw, you don’t even need to fight with enemies.

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As GrzesPL said, it’s actually pretty easy to blow past all the enemies if you want to. You also get to listen to the cool sounds of Digby Vermouth while you do it.