Sandhawk droprate

Has anyone gotten it from Katagawa jr on mayhem 6? I’ve been farming for it for 5 hours and still nothing. Don’t know if it’s bugged or the game just hates me


RNG I’m afraid, I’ve been farming him on m10 only got 2 out of so many runs. Only dropped me corrosive versions though and not anointed.

is that where it comes from?? i havent really had time to play yet

I really wish that they hadn’t given it to him. He’s really annoying to kill.

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Horrible drop rate for one of the most annoying bosses. About to take a break

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The drop rates look bugged, We’re getting very low drops in comparison to the old Mayhem 1.0 level 4. Expect a hotfix fixing this.

And I got a sand hawk after 10 or 20 runs.

I managed to get one, but it must have taken 25 runs on Mayhem Six. And with 11 characters, I think I did more runs farming the Sandhawk than I’d done previously.

Farm with two people (double the drop chance), put on an artifact with +15% luck, get an hour of Butt Stallion Milk… We dropped 7 Sand Hawks in 25 runs, 1.2 the runs were on M8 and other half on M10… No change in drop rates between Mayhem levels only better quality Sand Hawks. He is a stupidly easy kill.

Throw a Quazar as soon as you are at the bottom of the chute, if you cant kill him with a Lob instantly he will tick damage when he teleports. Phasegrasp and light him up.

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I had one drop on M7 in about 10 runs before I just got sick of farming him.

I’ve been farming this for the last few hours. My runs from load to the time I collect loot takes about 20-30 seconds. I’ve done well over 75 runs on true vault M10 and have only had two drop.

I farmed Genevieve for 5+ hours in coop, out of 800+ drops we got

  • 16 Reflux ( 5 weren’t anointed, the rest were filler anoints )
  • 18 Hunter Seeker ( only 2 anointed and not cloning or mitosis )
  • 3 Messy Breakup ( all 3 anointed )

Both boss specific and dedicated world drop items drop rate is poop

FYI, this was before the APRIL 30, 2020 hotfix. but now I’ve lost steam to try again. :laughing:

Katagawa Jr. has 4 dedicated drops and the chance for a dedicated drop is 10% iirc so the drop rate of the Sand Hawk should be 1/40.

Yeah but the real number is much much lower because you want one that is X element with Y annointment for your character. 1/40 rapidly gets to 1/1000+


And the Sand Hawk is still an easy one. The Sickle for example requires you to have a specific part on it before you can even start looking for the other stuff.

Farmed Katagawa for 4 hours still haven’t got a sandhawk to drop on M7. Gonna be a long one…

You can one shot him with the brainstormer with phasegrasp siren. Just drop down phasegrasp him and blast him with the brainstormer.

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I’ve seen that on Youtube. I’ll probably try farming him today since I haven’t done that yet. I’m getting tired of Traunt and Killavolt.

If you have a strong enough Yellowcake and hit the sweet spot you can one shot him as well. Notice I say “you” because I am yet to be so fortunate despite having seen it done and I wind up in that terrible boss fight. The fight was bad in story mode but trying to farm him is a terrible, terrible experience. The only person even close to as annoying is Troy.

I managed to get a Sandhawk on my very first run at him. M6, maybe a few days after they introduced it. Thought you guys were just unlucky. Got another one a few days later and then finally an incendiary M10. Now, after 2 weeks my luck went out the window, and I haven’t seen one since.

I started farming Katagawa for the sand hawk on 5/15/ 20 and so far Ive accumulated over 200 runs in (13 hrs) and not 1 sandhawk has dropped for me. (Its 5/19/20 today…5 hours in) Its sooo annoying. Ive been playing Borderlands since the 1st game came out and Ive never spent this much time farming a weapon without it dropping at least once. Im beginning to believe there is a bug or glitch since the last patch a few days ago. Has anyone else had this problem???