Sandhawk hasnt dropped for me yet. Sandhawk droprate

I started farming Katagawa for the sand hawk on 5/15/ 20 and so far Ive accumulated over 200 runs in (13 hrs) and not 1 sandhawk has dropped for me. (Its 5/19/20 today…5 hours in) Its sooo annoying. Ive been playing Borderlands since the 1st game came out and Ive never spent this much time farming a weapon without it dropping at least once. Im beginning to believe there is a bug or glitch since the last patch a few days ago. Has anyone else had this problem???

Edit: 3/21/20 - I have over 400 runs 30+ hours and no sandhawk!!! What am I doing wrong???!!!

Playing on Mayhem 6 and above?

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Yup Ive been playing with lvl 57 Zane on Mayhem lvl 10 on TVHM. I have all the rest of the Cartel legendaries and this is the last one to complete my collection and trying not to just give up. Its super frustrating after all the hours Ive put in. I havent done anything else for over a week now.

The droprate is horrible but your experience seems extreme with knobs on. For myself I don’t bother with TVHM and I set my co op mode to Coopetition. Beyond that I have no suggestions I’m afraid.

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Can u believe it finally dropped for me? I changed my mayhem mode to lvl 8 and on the 5th run it dropped. UNBELIEVABLE!!! smh!!! I have mixed emotions. All of those hours of grinding on mayhem lvl 10 to not get it to drop then as soon as I lower my mayhem lvl it drops on the 5th run??? INSANE!!! Well of course Im gonna try farming it on mayhem lvl 10. If it doesnt drop then I’ll lower mayhem to lvl 9, and if it drops then back to lvl 10 again. Lets see how that works.

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