Sandhawk variant farming

Hi, I’m using ps3 does anyone no how to successfully farm the sandhawk to get the variant I want without being stuck with the one she gives me on turning in the quest, I waited for autosave to finish turned in got the weapon dropped it exited the returned and not only lost the one she gave me but was on to next mission so I’ve reset again an going back through dlc, cheers

You have to turn the game on and off prior to accepting the quest reward. So you’d turn the mission in without accepting the Sandhawk, see if it’s the one you want, and exit and enter the game itself. Don’t accept the item, or it autosaves.

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Ahhh ok I thought that it would be something simple like that, I have the flying sandhawk at level 50 but want it at op level now as it just kills everything, thanks for that, just doing dlc again, thought it might help too progressing through digistruct peak

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I’ve been farming scarlet now for 3 hours op2 for flying shock sandhawk, I’ve over looked every other variant of shock as I want the flying one, is there another just as good or should I keep grinding till she offers it.

your seriously asking for a tall order there. The chance of getting a Shock Flying drop is so low you could do it for days on end. If you want it so badly you’d be best trading for it. Good luck with that.

Yeah, it’s very difficult to get that “perfect” piece of gear when it’s a quest reward. Just keep farming for it or look in the trade section. Parts are randomized for quest gear (as well as drops), so it’s basically the luck of the draw to get something you want.

Well that’s me gonna lose weeks of my life for shock flying sandhawk :frowning:

Which one to pick for digistruct peak corrosive or shock???

On the 360 I sign out after I see which sandhawk she gave me. This means that the game doesn’t save after turning in the quest. Which effectively means I can load up my save as many times as I want (and turn in the quest) until I like the result. Just remember to play as normal and save when you finally do get what you want.

Another method is to go to the 360 dashboard after I see which sandhawk I got. I prefer signing out because it merely returns me to the games title menu and saves me the most time.

edit: People also use this in the pre sequel to manipulate the results from the grinder.

I’ve been doing this now for over 16 hours and she as still not offered the flying shock sandhawk, had the corrosive and fire one offered, kinda wanting to take one of them, buttttt I want the right gear to go through digistruct peak an i no that the flying shock sandhawk melts everything really quick, I have a level 53 one, like I said 16 hours now an nothing it’s bordering on lunacy, I’m questioning my actual sanity 16 hours for a gun quite reload repeat arrrgh

Corrosive if you’re going to be fighting Dukino’s mom, otherwise go with shock. Either would work though.

I’m gonna do few more hours if I don’t get it I’ll go for the corrosive, had the sapping one offered but wasn’t too sure on the stats etc or if it was better than stopping or flying

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This thread on the old forums has a great deal of info on min/max stats for unique and legendary gear. You can, at the very least, compare the Sandhawks you’d get to the stats, so you know what to aim / settle for.

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