Sandhawks with no sight?

Hey everyone, maybe a pro can answer this…

is the sandhawks with no sight a modded weapon? If not, whats the value of no sight?

I prefer all dahl, including dahl sight :slight_smile:

IIRC, all unique red text weapons will spawn with a sight except for the Longbow (sniper), Interfacer (shotgun), and I think the Greed (pistol).

so they are modded?

I would say they have at least had the sight taken off, probably as a personal preference.

ah, that sucks :frowning:

Is the manufacturer, prefix, and everything else normal?

yer, flying prefix, dahl made, all dahl parts from what I know…

I wouldn’t worry too much about farming or trading fond new ones unless you must have legit versions.

Only purple and Legendaries will always spawn with a sight, blue rarity guns (including unique ones) can spawn without one.


Guess not

hey chuck, so those hawks are legit? whats the benefit of having no sight on the hawks lol?

Less blocking your view when aiming

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They could be legit, no way to tell if all the pats are possible in game

No benefits per se
They can just spawn without one.

I guess @BTK420247 nailes it… that could be a reason to not want a sight

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lol, I used to be obsessed about parts, prefixes, now you 2 have added to my ocd, no parts :frowning:

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That’s why for SMGs I prefer Dahl or Hyperion, Torgue for shotguns, Vladof or Torgue for ARs, Jakobs, Torgue or Maliwan for pistols.

I like to have a peripheral view of things I’m not aiming at so I can see incoming attacks or enemies.


Same here, and almost the same preferred sights :slight_smile:

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Hmm, I definitely prefer Maliwan for SMG sights, especially Sand Hawks. You get the aiming benefits of a sight but it’s very discreet (and I like circles).

Hey guys, I’m slowly learning my parts! Another 2000 hours and I might actually become competent at this game… :mortar_board:


We’re kinda in the same boat- I can recognize Torgue and Bandit grips on most weapons now (still terrible about parts for shields though…). I think we should continue to play until we can ID all the parts on a weapon as it’s flying thru the air falling to the ground…:grinning:

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Getting there :slight_smile:

At the point where I am now, I can recognize all grips and barrels for all weapon types, I know all the stocks for shotguns, and a lot of other weapon types (maybe 85% of stocks overall) I’m still fuzzy on certain sights on ARs and Snipers, but I can recognize them all on SMGs, shotguns and Pistols and I am still bad with launcher sights and exhausts.

I can also recognize the brand and type of guns a bandit has by sound :stuck_out_tongue:


Why wouldn’t you want a sight? I can handle iron sights instead of red dots sometimes what I can’t handle are sights that zoom. The holographic Maliwan reticle on SMGs, the Dahl sight, and Hyperion sights are the only ones I’ll keep if they spawn with it. Tediore, Bandit, I hate them both.