Sapphires run bug

I have played through this dlc once on my Zane and wanted to farm Locomobius. After placing mayas book down I tried to climb the first steps that appear and I phased right through them. I didn’t know what to do so I save quit tried again but to no avail I restarted the game next and after that my Xbox. After all that failed I reset the whole play through (bc I’m on tvhm) and came back to this point and yet I still can’t get past the steps. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it?

Same issue here. Also there’s this Reddit post from yesterday, so others are having this same problem:

I’m running on XBox Series X, FYI.

I’ve had the same problems today. I was able to actually jump for the first couple “bridges” and continue playing. Quit and reloaded a number of times. It’s broken.

I’m playing on Series S.

Having this same issue. There is a small area on each block that you’re able to land on… but 95% of the block is a ghost object.

Extremely frustrating. Cannot progress!!

Please help!!

Also Zane on series X.

Gunna plug in the trusty ol’ Xbox one and see if it has the same problem…

Gearbox, please fix this for us, it really is annoying and it seems it’s majority of the players are having this issue, I would really love to continue the dlc but can’t progress pass the first platforms. We need you to listen, please and thank you

Best way to draw attention is to submit a bug report via 2K support (link in the pinned thread at the top of this section). You’ll probably need to grab a short video showing what happens and link it in the ticket.

I’m seeing the same thing. It makes the story not playable. Both on a solo campaign, and connecting to a friends campaign. I’m on Series X, one friend is on Series X, another is on XBone one X. same issue no matter who is host.

… Still bugged platforms…

… Still waiiiitiiiinnnggggg…

Same bug here. :grimacing:

Still bugged…

Hopefully we be “buggin” gearbox by now…

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