Saria, The Spellsword. (Eldrid Attacker)

Time for Character Number 3, Saria, the Spellsword! An Eldrid Attacker who uses her powerful runeblades to keep in the fight!

Saria, The Spellsword.

Bio: A kind, yet adventurous person, whose travels brought her from afar right into the fight with Rendain. She isn’t afraid of anything, including charging right into a fight.
Faction: Eldrid
Background: Saria was born on a distant planet of Nomadic People, always traveling. This developed into her lust for a good adventure, or at least a good ass-whooping. Eventually, as the stars began to darken, she began to fear for her life. In one close call, she was caught between a pit who knows how deep, and a Varelsi Skulk. Her swords lay shattered beside her, and embracing her inner explorer, dove into the pit. There she found dual swords once wielded by a powerful being, and defeated her path all the way to Solus. Now she fights Rendain in order to avenge her people.

  • Attacker
  • Mobile
  • Territorial
  • Complex
  • Talent: Itami and Hokori: Saria’s rune blades, she’s able to either upgrade her blades themselves or her armor.
  • Weapon: Runeblades: Saria combines her swords into fast, chaining swings. Total Combo is 5 hits.
  • Secondary Attack: Saria faintly activates a rule, by hitting the button to cycle them. Lightning grants additional Movement Speed, Fire grants additional damage, and water grants additional health regen, Only one active at a time.
  • Melee: Saria jabs forward with both swords.
  • Passive: Double-Edged Sword: Saria’s attacks and skills drain her HP to deal additional damage. The ratio of strength is 200 health for a 100% additional damage increase. This will never take Saria below 500 HP, and will not take effect while under 500 health.
  • Ability 1: Bubble Swarm: Saria activates the Water Rune, casting a cloud of bubbles in front of herself. This cloud will linger, and each bubble has 1HP. Upon an enemy entering range, Bubbles will home in individually and explode. After several seconds of lifetime without tracking, they pop, dealing area damage.
  • Ability 2: Shocking Strike: Saria activates the Lightning Rune, Charging the blades with three blasts of electricity. These blasts deal moderate damage, and arc between enemies. Damage is slightly decreased for each enemy it arc between.
  • Ultimate: Torched Offensive: Saria activates the Fire Rune, before sweeping forwards with Multiple strikes. Her First Strike is a dash forwards and a horizontal swing, slowing enemies. Her second is a dash and spin, silencing enemies damaged. Her final strike is a dash forwards followed by an upwards swing with both swords, knocking up enemies in front of her and stunning them for several seconds. All enemies damaged are applied a damage over time effect until 2 seconds after cooldown on Torched Offensive begins.