Sassy Battleborn Vids!

Hey all. I see some others here talking about / linking to various player-created community content, so I hope this is ok.

I’ve started a new YouTube channel called ‘Tapping That Sass’, and for the next few months, I’ll be creating and uploading highlights from ~100 hours of Battleborn I’ve recorded with my BattleFriends. Fair warning - these videos are less about try-harding and more about providing entertainment value. So, ya know … they … may … contain adult themes and language from time to time. :smirk: :innocent:

The Link -

The goal is 2-3 videos a week, and there are 4 up and ready to view right now. Eventually I’ll be adding content from some of the other games we play, but for now, I’ll be primarily working through my ~2Tb backlog of Battleborn recordings.

I’d like to get 100 subscribers, because that unlocks the advanced customization for YouTube channels - like a custom URL and such, so if you like what you see, please consider subscribing!

I’m also new to this, so I’m happy to get constructive criticism, recommendations, requests, and so on. There are times when there’s a bit of Mic echo, and I can’t go back and change the stuff I’ve already recorded, but to my otherwise untrained eye, I think the videos are turning out pretty good. Let me know what you think.

Thanks all, and Happy Battle Birthing!



Episode 4:

  • Get the best Battleborn player in the game, BooBooBalls,

  • Play a balanced PvP match and say it was the worst

  • Make a pre-made and steam roll bots

  • Everyone watching cringes their booboo balls off! :confounded:

The only thing I could think of more cringe worthy than episode 4 would be an episode where you guys vote Meltdown :scream:

Heh. This is actually the only footage I have of myself complaining about a teammate’s skill level and/or mistakes, and what’s more messed up is that I use push-to-talk and I don’t recall team-speak-ing those few lines :slight_smile: It wasn’t until I reviewed the footage that I realized I said them aloud. I felt bad afterwards, and that’s partially why I posted that stuff. Anyone can make themselves look good if you’re allowed to edit out every mistake you make.

It actually was a fairly decently-matched battle, but I got to watch opponents just stroll off with 7 HP around a dozen times (even though I only showed a couple) from situations where they shoulda been gimmies. Like, retreating through 2-3 team members with one hit remaining, over and over again. Then when I saw Toby just standing in our base, behind a shield, waiting for something to happen, while the rest of the team was actually engaged on the bridge and elsewhere, I lost it :slight_smile: Those 2-3 minutes aren’t the same tone as the entire remaining library of recordings I have, and I could remove it entirely if people think it’s in bad taste?

At any rate, yes, our group has played hundreds of matches together, plenty of “real” PvP, but we’ve done predominantly bots battles the past few months. We can’t really compete with the few remaining pre-made groups, and I’ll be the first to admit that. We’re just casuals :slight_smile:

All you had to do was tap that sass! and BooBooBalls would go on a rampage :triumph:

Also, no I would leave it up it’s fine, I was kinda just screwing around anyway

yeah I hear ya, it seems like it’s only DS, Msdurtte and those guys and a lot of my friends that I play w/ in quick match so it’s almost impossible for a random group of 100s to win, and also depending on my team I loose to the same team a bunch of times in a row since there is no one else in queue and I don’t really care about being on the top tier team.

Make sure you upload your awesome vids to the Battle Ready Youtube Community channel! :slight_smile:

Cant wait to see these

Hey guys. Episodes 5 and 6 are up. We’re not really getting the turnout that I was hoping for, so, while I have enough recorded content to make probably 40-50 episodes, it’s hard to justify so much time (currently, 6-8 hours or so per video) for stuff that no one is going to watch (getting 20-30 views per vid right now). You can help support the channel and get more videos made by subscribing and passing the word around to your other Battleborn friends.

Thanks guys.

I dare anyone to watch Episode 4 to the end and not laugh their ass off.

Just sayin’