Satanic Sonic the Hedgehog - How to Orendi and Win

EDIT for 5/12/2016 Hotfix: Sprint speed, when it appears as a secondary stat on items, has been NERFED. Which makes me MAD. But, whatever. It’s still a viable approach, especially if you can get your hands on the Go-Go Juice legendary item.

I play exclusively in PVE and incursion, the latter more than the former. Let’s have a look at why Orendi is amazing, but only if you’re capable of playing like a coked-up, honorless, skittering rat creature that thinks more in terms of attrition and chaos than focusing overly much.

You are not a sniper as Orendi. Your normal ranged attacks, while fine, are there as filler. Your main event is your cooldowns, and your tiny size and ability to move like the wind.

Stop being so aggressive, and start being PROGRESSIVE. Weave in and out, run away, lead your enemies on a merry chase around the map while your allies take objectives, then reappear on the back lines. The more scatterbrained and vile you are as Orendi, the better you will do.

How I do it:


Rogue faction movement speed boots with pickup sprint speed (more sprint when you pickup any item).

Firmware ISIC legendary (drops from Geoff in first PVE level, easy to get, usually has more sprint speed and is great for Orendi because it maximizes her cooldown cycling by giving a chance to reduce all cooldowns by 2 seconds every time you use a cooldown, yo dog, heard you like cooldowns, etc.)

A sprint speed energy drink item with more sprint as you pickup items.

So with all three you’re running 5% more movement speed, ~18% sprint speed, and when you pickup an item (shards, anything, they’re everywhere in every mode) another ~18-20% sprint. Topped out you’re looking at 43% sprint speed pretty much constantly. So that’s 5% move + 9% sprint +9% sprint + 18% sprint = fast as f**k and tiny and hard to hit.

That’s a win, win, win, win.

The Basics:

You are a cooldown cycler. You are not a sniper, you are not a boom headshotter, though you can be, but only while mobile. You spray and pray, you don’t sit still and line up snipes. Just strafe and jump and try to keep your primary attack spam leveled at their heads and enjoy the stray crit or hit. Then once cooldowns are back, lay it on them.

The main focus is moving in and out, like, I don’t know, an AGILE SKIRMISHER. Bob and weave. Initiate with shadowfire pillar, you’re already running and jumping in, nail them with nullify, watch them squirm, strafe around to their side, throw another pillar if you want or just pick a new target or a big clutch of mobs if you see one, depends.

You are an opportunist, above all. Always be looking for the fattest target. Only go in to clinch a kill if you absolutely know you can, otherwise, disengage and cruise for bigger and better things.


Level 1 - The damage addition to nullify, yeah, okay. Usually take this one. But if you’re advanced and playing PVP and up against Deande, HAHAHAHAHA, go with Burned and Busted. It is H-double-larious.

Level 2 - People love that push effect. Sure, it can be fun. I’m partial to the blind. Hits in an AOE, makes mobs drool on themselves for a precious second, and makes players ANGRY. I love blind effects. Dealer’s choice on this one.

Level 3 - People like Let’s Bounce. I say, if you’re a mouse-user and can twirl around fast enough, you can get the same effect without it. This can be used to get up high, but, meh. I don’t much care, Orendi works just fine as a lateral skirmisher, especially when blowing lanes to pieces with Paradigm Shift. Heights are for elves. You’re a gutter rat. Oh That Reminds Me seems great, but what are you, some kind of tank? Your best survival option is never getting cornered and always moving faster than your enemies - don’t sit still, your speed and size will keep you safe from most things. If you do take shield damage, just disengage, run a loop and gather shards, then jump right back in. So to this end, I prefer Mind Bullets, her best option for reliably zipping in and strafe-hopping around someone at low health to take them out between cooldowns. You will piss people off. No longer will slippery bitches slip through your many fingers.

Level 4 - Preamble of Pain, every time. EVERY. TIME.

Level 5 - Sophie’s choice. Close call. But in the end, I prefer Prognosticombo, because once I get all my cooldowns revving at higher levels, Prognostication can become redundant. Renaissance? Eh. Paradigm Shift should be the ace up your sleeve, not something you throw down as soon as it cools off. Always save Paradigm Shift for the moment when your enemies are making a serious push with minions through a chokepoint. Watch them HURT.


Level 7 - Are you joking? What am I, Rath? Talk sh*t, don’t get hit, that’s Orendi’s motto. Extra DAMAGE. Go Force of Will.

Levels 8-9 - Rapid Deterioration and Shadowfire Storm, for more, more, more cooldown reduction. RrrrrRNnnnNnNnNnNn. The shield piercing looks cool, sure, but resist the temptation. Maybe against a team with Phoebe, Reyna, and/or ISIC I could see the shield penetration working well. I prefer the versatile option. Chaotic Reach is a non-starter. The reach on Shadowfire Pillar is already impressive enough for the range you operate at. Adding more goes against the grain of Orendi’s playstyle entirely.

Level 10 - Wh… pushback and blind? I love BOTH of those things. However, Reign of Chaos can be BRUUUTAL for a massive series of AOE bursts. In fact, I usually go Reign of Chaos, because Shadowfire, Nullify, Shadowfire, Paradigm Shift, Shadowfire, Nullify, SHADOWFIRE, YEAH, THAT JUST HAPPENED IN ONE LONG STRING OF PAIN, BITCH. HahahahHAHAHA. Pillarstorm, sure, that looks cool, but here’s the thing - for it to catch them in range, you have to be right in the middle of the fight, and that is a level of exposure I dislike. Using Pillarstorm properly requires you to sometimes use Paradigm Shift improperly.

In conclusion, play her with passion, without honor, with a lust for speed and a tweaker’s mentality, and above all, sow chaos and fear. Fire and forget. Gnaw at their heels. Make your enemies furious.

Edit Note - Getting a shield penetration item that adds more shield penetration after a skill, on top of paradigm shift cooldown reduction and the shield penetration helix options… is also a great, heavy-hitting alternative. You won’t have to sacrifice much speed, either.


This makes me want to play Orendi lol, well written!

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Thanks! I love to write. And I also love to MINDF*CK PEOPLE WITH BLACK MAGIC LOVE.

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Very nice post. I really want to get into her more.

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I played like this on Heliophage with some friends and my god was it so much fun every time we got a speed pickup. Yeah get her REALLY coked up and she’ll tear things apart.

(This was before reading your post) So yeah get all of those speed gear in with you oh and I could see the legendary cooldown you get from Toby’s lore challenges playing well into that, or just a cooldown reduction mod in general.

I totally saw into her cooldown potential early on when I saw her passive and then her mutation that does the same with Nullify

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Holy ■■■■■■■ shiting skag sucking ■■■■

I just got the BEST DROP EVAR for Orendi: GO-GO JUICE

And with that I just soloed Heliophage on advanced with her and got a silver, one less I’ll need to get Ghalt :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I have since swapped out the Refund Policy for a shield regen mod that also reduces cooldowns from getting a pickup

Edit: That’s 30.016666~ minutes of cooldown reduction fyi :stuck_out_tongue:

OMFG, where did you get that legendary?

Got it out of a gear pack :smiley:

Argh! Epic pack? Rogue pack? What?

Yes I believe it was an epic pack

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I’ve been running pretty much the same build, but I use items that give speed when all skills are on cooldown. I find it to be more reliable and predictable. You run in like a maniac, bring the pain train and smash some fools up, and then run away after casting everything to wait for the cooldowns to reset. Even with short cooldowns the speed boost is enough to escape direct fire and loop back around. Repeat until your enemies are slowly driven insane.

There’s no wrong way to drive people insane.

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I have all those items and a pair of epic boots with -reload for cheaper cost better stats time to get that orendi hand puppetry goin.

I don’t think reload speed does anything on orendi. You might be looking for attack speed though. Edit: didn’t notice the -

Meant the minus as a bad thing so I guess in this sense + would be correct. The debuff makes item cheaper and other stats slightly better.