Saturn boss (data mining) mission

I need help defeating level 50 boss saturn in data mining mission is there anyone on xbox 360 with level 52 character or higher please help me if u can my gamer tag is LEGENDxNaDeShOt

Don’t got a 360, but here’s a tip – bring in an Axton specced down to the following tiers for key skills:

The core of this hinges on Longbow and Gemini. Sling your turrets onto the bottom of the bridge, then add your currently-equipped weapon to the fight from over toward the vending machines – he won’t be able to follow, thanks to the bridge blocking him. However, make sure you have quick access to cover as he can his drones(?) can still track you to some extent.
When your turrets time out, Resourceful enables faster turnaround; to aid in this, enter the fight equipped with an Efficiency Engineer</font color> mod. On TVHM, Scorched Earth and Double Up can help in taking him down faster, but I don’t think they’re necessary.

101/4TR, don’t even consider using a Norfleet (if you have it) – the spread-over-distance (SoD) and flight ‘path(s)’ render it extremely cost-ineffective, and getting closer to minimize the SoD is tantamount to suicide.

If you don’t mind playing defensively and are patient, then any character can take on Saturn at any level, no special build required.

Clear Fyrestone first. Run into the open area, towards the lift to the Data Repository, to trigger Saturn. Run back, just inside the gateway to Fyrestone. There’s a piece of fencing on your left. Take cover behind that. It will protect you from most of Saturn’s attacks. Shoot over the top or pop out and fire between volleys of rockets. If you should take damage or get low on ammo, you can double back to the machines in Fyrestone.

Not fast but you don’t die (as much :smile: ) Good luck.

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On top of the house that stands in front of Saturn, when he spawns, you can jump up (there is a red chest btw) you can hide behind cover and shoot Saturn. Whe he eventually jumps down to the ground, you should do the same. From this point, the house is your cover , cause if you hide behind that building, Saturn won’t be able to hit you. You can shoot him between his charges and will slowly tear him down that way.

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What @narfkeks said is pretty much what I do. I’ve tried the cover by the gate, but you need to watch your position carefully as splash damage can still get you. (Also, watch out for homing rockets sneaking round the corner!) I’ve also tried hiding behind one of the pillars holding up the roadway, but same issue.

So, usually I just run around the house one way then the other. Saturn has turrets on his “elbows” you can crit if you’re good at hip firing. Homing corrosive (transfusion) grenades are great. Playing Axton gives you the advantage in that your turret can take a bunch of aggro and keep Saturn occupied while you duck round the corner. The fight is a little tedious, but definitely solo-able.

If you’re still having problems, give me a shout as I’m on 360 and could drop in. (Most evenings between 6-9 eastern. GT: Alkymist96)

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Got you moved to the 360 section. Happy looting!

I feel like it has been pretty well covered, but I’ll go ahead and add a bit to it.

Saturn moves at a snails pace and from a distance. I was just taking the bastard on yesterday in Digistruct. He has the typical War Loader blasts, as well as a volley of missiles. Finding a location that defends against the volley is just as critical as finding a form of cover against his frontal fire.

A few of those mentioned would provide a decent amount of cover for both. Also, distance is your friend in this fight.

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if I’m on a lower level toon I will hide in the shack behind the house (you can even jump up on a shelve in there) and fire at his feet, when he walks back that way, till he dies, I’ve never died while in that shack, even took him out with a low level infinity once. And same offer as VaultHunter101, I am on playing either BL 2 or the Pre - sequel every night between 9pm to 12:30am and have a few toons level 50ish or so, that can help or even a few OP 8’s. GT = Name

I’ll add that, if you have a decent large mag SMG, you can shoot down the incoming rockets. You do not want to get caught reloading in the middle of a barrage, however!

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