Savage Lee and Unkempt Harold Question

I got a Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold from Savage Lee but he was only level 35 and the gun dropped at level 33. My question is how do I get Savage Lee to spawn at a higher level so I can farm the gun again since im now level 40? He still is level 35 everytime I go to farm him? Thanks!

You can’t. His level is locked in NVHM and TVHM. Once you complete TVHM, everything scales up to level 50, but before that you can’t i’m afraid. If you start the Torgue DLC the vending machines MIGHT be at your level? I’m not certain on that. If it happens to be the case, the first vending machine you can reasonably farm is the one in the Arena. If you need someone to jump in and buy it for you, let me know, I don’t mind doing that.


If you have the DLC, you can try farming the Torgue vending machines in DLC2. TBH though, you don’t really need a UH to get through TVHM. If you specifically need an explosive pistol for some reason, a good high fire rate purple one will get you through several levels.


Ohhh ok. Didnt realize there were level caps in tvhm. Guess it makes sense since there us uvhm. I just been confused about how leveling works in this game but after all the feedback ive been getting I finally understand how it all works now. Thanks again!

Yeah I actually really like a couple of the green torgue pistols with explosive rounds that shoot 2 rounds. Those were basically my primary weapon up until I got dpuh. I havn’t managed to get a purple rarity explosive pistol yet but I do have some skeleton keys ive been holding out on til I get higher level. So maybe I can get a decent pistol from the gold chest in sanctuary? I plan on finishing story in tvhm and going to uvhm than doing dlcs then. Thats what some people told me I should do at least. Should I do dlc in tvhm? I have handsome collection btw so I got all dlc just havnt played any of it yet. Anyways thanks for the feedback!

It’s up to you. I certainly wouldn’t do all of them, but being able to drop into the Torgue DLC in TVHM to farm tokens while you’re still levelling your way through UVHM is a nice thing. Fortunately, it doesn’t take that long to get through the DLC far enough to unlock Pete’s Bar and then you’re set. No reason that you can’t do part of DLC2 TVHM in between getting started on main story in UVHM, and that will help ensure that you don’t out-level those nice TVHM end-game weapons too quickly.

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True, but it sure is nice to have one!

Yes, I farm it on every difficulty.


Just throwing this out there, if you ever find yourself in need of a helping hand, just let me know. My PSN is the same as my name here, I can come kill stuff for you, I can buy stuff for you, whatever you need. :slight_smile:


Thanks dude…I will do! :sunglasses:

Once I got the dpuh, things died fast! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Especially those annoying azz stalkers, scags, spiders, big worms and flying thingies…lol Im using a level 33 version and im still destroying level 40-43 anything enemy fast!!


I love any version of that gun. Every one of my characters has one on hand.


One thing, Rabid Stalkers are often quite hard to hit with a Harold. For this I recommend either a rocket launcher (Vladof ones are nice because they are just about as ammo efficient as a RL can be), or a powerful shotgun, like a Jakobs. A Bandit one could work if you get a shock/fire one.

Edit: I just remembered you’re Maya, so this advice isn’t as relevant. Nevertheless, take it with you for future Vault Hunters :slight_smile:

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Those rabid stalkers were brutal when I went in wep as a level 37 and basically the reason I made this post for help to vegin with…lol In fact I made it to the building with all the holding cells and where that loot midget room is to find Mordis bird and I couldnt proceed beyond that cuz I just couldnt put out enough damage. Heres the funny part…It took me about 2 hours to fight my way back to the fast travel station at the beginning of the map so I could leave to go level myself up. I kept getting wrecked every attempt by mobs of rabid stalkers on my way back to fast travel…lol I was so frustrated!!! I was stuck and severely annoyed! Lol

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Should have just save/quit :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow…i didnt think of that. Lol I feel pretty silly about that.

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Hey can you help me im lvl 50 but I’m struggling with the warrior for some reason and I kinda want some stronger weapons can someone help me in some way please and thanks?

Hopefully you have a save on USB or the cloud, to allow you to return and just battle the Warrior. If not, you will have to go through Hero’s Pass again.

This is the method I use to create a save point. After neutralizing Jack and his duplicates, jump into the lava (and die). This returns you to the top where the vending machines and the one way fast travel machine is located. Do a quit and save. (Do not use the fast travel station). Then back that save up on something other than system memory. Hopefully, you have a friend or an alt with more powerful weapons, and they can join you to hand you the weapons when you invoke the save.

The issue with getting a UH or DPUH at level 49 or 50 is that you need an alt at roughly that level who is yet to start the Torgue DLC. Then you can get the weapon from a vending machine. Like others have suggested, I always farm for tokens at one lower tier (i.e., TVHM -> NVHM), just to speed up the process.

I suggest you hit the online play and trading section for your platform. I doubt replying to a 3-year old post is going to garner much assistance!

As for the thread title: you should be able to farm on-level gear from other maps easily enough: there are other weapons that are just as effective for the Warrior though. Choices depend a bit on character/build, as would tactical advice.