Savage Lee farming?

Anyone else had trouble with savage lee not dropping unkempt herald on the handsome collection? I’ve been farming him for a couple days and nothing. Seems like I had an easier time on the x360

never mind… literally just got it

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I farmed him the other day and I got 4 lvl 50 in 1 hour.

I had to do it about 25 times with Sal… But both Maya and Gaige had it drop within the first 5 times. In fact this and the infinite from Dr Mercy have been the most consistent in terms of dropping their legendary weapons.

I remember on the 360 trying for hours with no drops and the same results with Dr Mercy. Farming on the handsome collection has definitely given me much more results when it comes to farming, I am sure this is because of the drop rate adjustments they’ve been doing weekly.

does it drop from the random savage lee’s right behind fast travel or only the constant savage lee that always spawns

It has a chance to drop from either, but I’ve had better luck with the one that spawns everytime.