Savage Lee not dropping anything?

I hit Boll, instantly dropped a Fast Ball, and even on a 2nd try he atleast drops a green gun, or ammo, Lee is literally dropping nothing everything time

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we all experience the same, most runs he does not even drop a single thing. Just keep trying.


It’s a 10% chance I believe, so just keep going or call it and go farm 613 Torgue tokens and then farm the Torgue vending machines :rofl:

10 tries? phhhhhhhttttt. go farm a cobra and then come back.

Which platform? are you online and using the hotfix? Or the community patch?

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It’s all RNG, just keep trying.

As a few have said, it’s just the way random actually works - you’ll get runs of no drop, then get a few pretty close together. If you really want to know more about how it works, there’s a thread for that.

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People complaining about Lee not dropping a Harold after 10 kills is a little impatient. I’ve had periods where i’ve had to kill him over 50 times for a drop.

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True, but if all you know is that Lee is supposed to drop this thing and you’ve never heard what the odds actually are… For example, the wiki just says “Has a chance to drop…” without being very specific. That could mean anything!


Lee and I have always been bros. He gives me a ton of Harolds.

Doc Mercy on the other hand…


Yeah, I had no idea of the drop rates for ages! Honestly until I got to about level 70 I didn’t know bosses did drop legendaries.

Does Lee still drop common loot when he doesn’t drop a Harold? I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed (though there’s usually stuff dropped from the Bullymongs so it can be hard to tell).

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If you’ve played the game for one single playthrough of Normal, the distinct lack of legendary items you got during that should be enough to tell you it isn’t just going to drop immediately. I’m sorry but 10 kills, even without knowing the odds, is 5 loads of that area (if you get the second spawn). Approximately 12 minutes total even if you stop off and kill Boll too. People are just very impatient these days.

Yes. I have even been teased with other Torgue pistols dropping.

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He’s basically got the badass loot drop pool, which is limited but will occasionally cough up something nice. The superbadass one (eg. Henry the Stalker) is better, since you’re pretty much guaranteed one blue and one green item, along with a chance at some nicer stuff.

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In my experience since the last big patch changed the legendary drop rate it’s not uncommon to run around with several legendaries in normal without farming - that’s been the case in all the normal runs I remember doing since then. Droprates are confusing and you really don’t get a clear sense of it from casual gameplay.

I get people being impatient too. Some people are cool with booting up 50 times to get a legendary with the right parts; I’m easily annoyed by repetition and grinding so I don’t bother with it even at endgame.


After seeing this post I farmed him for an hour straight. Given it took me about 5 minutes per kill, I farmed about 30 times before I got an Unkempt Harold. It’s frustrating but just keep at it and you’ll get there

Is it we have to kill lee faster to get the harold to be dropped? And another thing…i have farming on lee about hundred times…but i didn’t kill him straight 100 times…i farm on him 50 times on this day and another 50 times on the other day…total 100 times…is it okay if i do that??or i must kil him straight 100 time? cause i cant get the harold even i have kill lee 100 time!!!

Nope. Speed doesn’t matter.

Number of successive times also does not matter. Each time is fully independent and the same chance as every other time.

Did you get any type of Unkempt Harold in your 100 times, or are you only looking for the double penetrating prefix? The only reason I can think of for you not getting a single UH of any variety in that many attempts is if you don’t have the October 2015 title update installed.

Took me 25+ tries just to get a Bee from Hunter Hellquist. And an underleveled Bee at that.

That’s the kind of things that happen in a game where randomness is king. Don’t lose hope, mate.

Thank you. :roll_eyes:

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I was looking for something else and this thread got my attention so I thought I would throw in a couple observations.

Out of curiosity, candyman32 Are you playing on Xbox or in the Handsome Jack collection?

I ask because I’ve been playing on both for the last few months and noticed Lee’s drops (and others) are different from the PS3/Game of the Year I’ve played on for a few years. Like you, I thought my game was glitched because Lee would drop nothing (no money, ammo or gear) for 10 runs at a times. I’ve recently brought up 5 characters on the Xbox/HJC and this frequently happens. I never experienced it on the PS3/GotY. The most obvious drop difference I’ve noticed besides Lee is the Warrior. The amount of loot is greatly decreased. I can’t even fill my backpack from the moonshot. I’ve counted all gear (including white) and it averages 16-20 and eridium is 6-8 per moonshot. On the PS3/GotY gear is 3 dozen or more and eridium is 8-12.
I’m not an impatient farmer. I frequently spend many hours to not only get the item I want, but also to get it built like I want. The platform/game drop differences have been very noticeable to me.

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