Save Corrupted :(

Hi. I’m a bit annoyed as my save (level 50 gunzerker) got corrupted. The way it happens is the game saves while starting a cutscene (I wanted to start tvhm scarlett dlc) and the game crashes. I had some effervescent and legendaries (two of which were a striker and pitchfork, both 49). Luckily I had a backup. Except my backup also got deleted. So I’m here with a level 33 from 21 days ago. This seriously needs to be fixed. I also just want my stuff back.

If you want, I’d be happy to help you farm Uranus or something to help you level up and get some level 50 gear (legendaries) quickly. That’s a tough break, friend.

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thanks, i guess. The weird thing is i still have my customization and ranks+ their boosts. Also, the was the same point in the story except in normal instead of true mode. I can use my points from the vip program to get something there but I’m starting a pre-sequel playthrough while occasionally playing borderlands 2 vr and working on a new save. I’ll see if i can add you or something. Thanks.

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Sure, my PSN is Dimmu_d3cendant
I’m also playing a lot of TPS lately myself so hit me up for either really, I’m always looking for new people to play with (I play all 1, 2, TPS frequently)

Will do.

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Just so you know, these are contained in a separate profile file, since they are accumulated across multiple character saves. If you’re making your own backups on an external drive independent of the PS4 cloud sync - something I would recommend - make sure you also back up the profile file. It should be in the same folder iirc.

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Didnt know that.

Same thing just happened to me. Lost my Gaige, all my effervescents and high level legendaries, and several weeks worth of progress when loading the badass crater in UVHM. This is stupid.

I lost 3 characters. But got them back. If you go to saves that are uploaded and not ps4 saves they should be there maybe a couple levels down from last shave. Try that and good luck. Cheers