Save duplicate - is this a cheat or exploit?

This method allows you at least:

  • quest reward farming (desire element, prefix, etc);
  • obtain a several quest items (each element);
  • easy quest farming while at leveling. Pimpernel for example: just get to it, but don’t take the quest. Complete it with duplicated character. Now you can get a new Pimp whenever you want till 72/OP8 (or melee Zero leveling - a new LoveThumper every new level);
  • infinite Torque/Seraph items - just be sure to buy it with duplicated character;

So, again. Is this a cheat or just “timesaver” exploit?

How you play your game is your business, so it’s a time-saver. :dukejk:


Doesn’t sound like cheating to me. Besides, quest farming is the worst kind of “farming”. (I’m looking at you Barrel_3 Redundant Shock Fibber with matching grip.)

Your scenario just lets the player spend more time playing the game rather than dashboarding/force-quitting for hours on end.

Everyone plays the game differently, and I can’t see any way that this could hinder others’ enjoyment of the game.