Save file corrupted after crashing while teleporting to Oasis

Hello all!
We’ve been playing the Handsome Collection with my friend on my PS5 for a while now. (Like, every day for the past month)
We managed to level up our characters to 65 and were really hyped of the UVHM and the better loot!

Well couple of days ago we decided to teleport to Oasis, and the whole game crashes. After opening it up again, my PS5 returns an error message.
“Can’t load the saved data because it’s corrupted”

Luckily my friend was signed in to PSN and managed to get a backup from the cloud. We had to boost the backup character from 59 to 64 but it was doable, though rather annoying. Only my friends character was corrupted, mine was OK. (Which is annoying as we can’t level up together that easily if the level gap is huge, neither enjoy playing)

Well yesterday we got our characters to 67 and decided to teleport to Oasis. Well, here we go again.
I didn’t see what I had done until it was too late. I teleported to Oasis again and the whole game crashes and right on that moment I knew the newest save was corrupted. And now the backup in cloud is level 62, well I guess we just lost 12 hours of progress in one click of a button! And this is the second time on the same week!

There is no way we are boosting my friend’s character for the second time, it is so annyoing when you can’t trust the fast travel as it might ruin all the fun! Every time the game stutters even just a little bit, my PTSD kicks in.
I know it’s old and the Handsome Collection is made for PS4 but the game is so good for co-op!

Well, I guess it was the game’s way of telling us it’s time to stop and figure out something else to do.

Is there any way to recover a corrupted save on Borderlands THC PS5/PS4?
Or is there any way to get a “modded” save with custom items so we could atleast get them back or anything that would fill this empty space inside my friend’s heart?

Quick specs:
-Borderlands The Handsome collection (digital)
-Playing on split-screen with both players signed in to PSN
-Only my friend’s saves are corrupted
-Teleporting from Marcus Mercenary Shop to Oasis for the first time (before the first Oasis cutscene) makes the game crash and corrupt the “guest’s” saves.

Things I’ve already tried:
-Rebuild PS5 Database
-Restart the game
-Move the save to cloud and back to the console storage
-Cant mod the save as I don’t have a PS3 anymore. (and I probably don’t know well enough)

The only backup was the Playstaion Cloud save,which was old enough to be annoying to start over for the second time.

Depends on a few things. The game does make a local backup periodically which it attempts to use if the main save gets corrupted, but this may not be a recent one. (You can force the backup process by switching characters at the main screen.) Otherwise, you only have the cloud version and any local save you might have made to eg a USB.

You might be able to level up the character faster by joining the game of someone with a max level character, since you’ll get way more XP that way. You’d still have the game progress to redo though.

Just a note too that altered save files violate Sony’s TOS/TOU, so discussion of such things is strictly prohibited on these forums.

I think we just have to level up the older save file and continue playing after my friend has gotten to lvl 65 atleast. He’s now at 62 so the level gap between his and my character (67) is too much. We’ll have to start making more backups of the characters after every session!

Thanks for the heads-up about modded saves, it felt like the last resort for this situation but it also seemed a bit sketchy, so I guess we’ll do this the legit (and maybe a bit frustrating) way!

back up saves , delete game , reinstall without texture pack :blush: