Save file corruption

I had a power cut while playing which resulted in my save file becoming corrupt. It’s my only character & I’ve played him since release day. I’m a sailor & I’m due to go to sea next week, so whilst normally I’d just start from scratch & take it on the chin I was 14/15 bloody harvest achievements in & will not have the time to redo them before the event ends.

I had no 1.savtemp file to switch over & no back up. Is there nothing I can do? I contacted support who said I can maybe get some golden keys for it but that was the only help they offered.

I literally sunk all my game time into my Zane, I have no other character. I’d done NVHM & TVHM with him, built up an impressive arsenal of weaponry (although no perfect rolls) & had Mayhem 3 on farm but honestly none of that really bothers me it’s the loss of my bloody harvest achievements that hurts. It’ll be impossible for me to do all that again in the little shore time I have left.

Gearbox are unable to help, support was apathetic at best (this isn’t a lynching, they’re busy I get it, it’s one players small problem & I’m sure many others have much bigger issues) so I’m hoping someone in the community has some far out off the wall solution that’s escaped me.

If you can help I’d be most grateful, I can only offer my thanks & any gun I own in return once it’s restored (even my Dastardly Maggie, it’s only 501 dmg per pellet & not annointed but I love it!) but my gratitude would be immense.

Thanks for your time.

For PC, if you had Cloud Saves turned on with the Epic Games Launcher, you can try downloading the most recent Cloud Save if there’s still one that predates your corrupt save. At this point, that’s going to be the only way to recover your character and progress. But if the corrupt game save uploaded to the Cloud and overwrote your good save, unfortunately, you’re out of luck. You could reach out to Epic Games at that point and see if they can help, but even they would probably tell you that once the corrupt save uploads to the Cloud, there’s nothing they can do. :slightly_frowning_face:

But I’ve been saying since before the game even came out that everyone should be backing up their game saves on external drives, and preferably making MULTIPLE external backups. Even the original game, now 10 years old, can still have glitches that corrupt game saves. I experienced such a glitch this spring, and only having an uncorrupted game save backup allowed me to fix it. I lost a little bit of play time, probably an hour or less, and I lost at least 1 Legendary gun I’d just picked up, but that’s better than losing ALL my progress.

I’ve been backing up my game saves on a USB flash drive. I’ve got 4 different backup folders, labeled 1-4, and I rotate between them in Old School RPG Gamer fashion.

The old saying is true: An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

Yeah, it would appear you’re right I should of kept a back up but hindsight’s 20/20. I’ll look around some more see if I can find any other option but if not I’ll come back to BL3 in a few months or so when I’m a little less angry & skippable cutscenes have been added (hopefully) & start from scratch then