Save file game transfer to steam

will we on pc be able to do a game save transfer to steam like destiny 2 did? this game but the less i see of epic store the better, the download speeds are horrendous, i wanted to do a game file transfer to another hard drive but epic store doesn’t have that feature

I totally believe you will be able to do that.

what you will have to consider though is you will either need to buy a STEAM copy of the game or…

go through the nutroll of setting up the game in Steam as a “non-Steam Game”…which apparently works with a little jury rigging. And…I am sure Steam will patch that capability once they can sell the game.


Incorrect, you just have to know where Windows 10 puts your game saves. You can find them by going to (with File Explorer) Documents > My Games > Borderlands 3 > Game Saves/Save Files. The actual folder they’re in will have a really long name made up of seemingly random alpha-numeric characters.

I regularly copy my game saves and back them up onto a USB key, just like I did with the previous games on my Xbox 360. If a game bug corrupts and/or deletes your game save(s) even one time, it’s one time too many, in my book! :-1: :unamused:


I believe that is your (encoded? hexadecimal?) Epic ID.