Save file problems (game won't recognize profile data/savegames)

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Hi there,

I’m having problems with my savegames of BHC on my ps4. Today I wanted to play the game again but my savegames were gone. There was only one character (a lvl 9) still available to play. However on both my PS4 itself as in my online storage I can see my original profile data and savegames of my main characters (a lvl 56 an 44 if I remember correctly). When I delete the lvl 9 character and its profiledata, so the save games I want remain, the game won’t recognize them. Instead, I only have the opportunity to start a new game on lvl 1. I have tried deleting all profiles and save games from my PS4 and downloading just the ones i need from my online storage but unfortunately without result.

The last time I played was august 2017 and everything was fine, however I the meantime I have upgraded my original PS4 to a PS4 pro and installed everything on this console. I just can’t imagine the fact that savefiles are connected to 1 fixed PS4 console.

I’m hoping someone can help me with this problem. Thanks so much in advance

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The save files should be tied to your PSN name, so not sure what’s going on with that. I would recommend filing a support ticket:

The link to crate the support ticket is just below the “Handsome Collection” heading on that page.

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I know this might be obvious, so disregard it if i’m being stupid, but have you actually downloaded the saves from the cloud? I only ask because, as far as i’m aware, PS4 doesn’t load from the cloud.

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Haha yeah I’ve tried this multiple times.

It is also strange my playstation has two BHC save folders. One BHC folder of aprox 50mb with BL2 en BPS profile data and the good save files. And an other BHC folder of aprox 10mb with profile data and a ‘empty’ (lvl 1) save file.

The playstation won’t combine these folders… And when I delete the 10mb folder, the moment I start the game it will create a new 10Mb folder and ignore the 50Mb one

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Sounds like it’s treating the save folders as belonging to different profiles for some weird reason. Might want to check out Sony support to see if it’s a known issue on their end. I’d also file that support ticket with GBX.