Save file reverted story back 10 levels

Today when I came back into my game after an update all the enemies and side quests went down to level 27 from level 35. The main storyline quest says its level 35 but everything in it is lower level. Is there any thing I can do to sync things up with my level?

Having kinda the same problem here, my sister and I were playing and she and I were at level 15 and it bumper her down to level 11 and completely deleted my character. Not only that but it also deleted my third character… I’m not sure if my keys are gone but I did make sure to turn off cloud saves (WHICH I WAS NOT ASKED IF I EVEN WANTED HECK OFF EPIC). We’re honestly really heated and I’m really going to take a break till this is fixed… I feel cheated tbh, hope this gets fixed soon

Yeah my character level itself did not revert. I was level 37 when I started the Carnivora mission (quest level was 35) and the enemies were scaled and fine. Then when I came back to play after dinner, I get prompted about the EGS cloud save thing. I just clicked on the save that was the most recent one and then area where the Carnivora mission is level 27 and I’m getting like no XP. Really frustrating when all the sudden it needed to cloud sync my game and then it bugs out.

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