Save files missing

So, I’ve had BL3 since release, and had no issues up until today. I log in as usual, and start up BL3, I see my friend online, and I join their game. During character selection I realized I had no character to select. Restart the game, nada. Try to verify the files, nope. Tried to sync cloud data, absolutely nothing. I look in my game files, to see that my character save is still there, but I can’t play her. I’ve spent 12 hours playing, and my character is level 25. if i had lost my save sooner i’d probably be more willing to start a new game, but I really don’t want to. Please, can anyone help?

@Lozkid2003 So this is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. Did you turn on cloud saving? This is the main issue for lots of people including me. I lost a level 28 Zane and had to start over again.