Save from ps4 version to ps5

I play borderlands 3 for a lot time.
Now I buy ps5 and I want play the ps5 version (more graphics and dual sense features) but I need restart all from the beginning? Wtf?
If I choose to download a save in the game don’t work.
Are you serious?

Same for me as well go to download the save and the game crashes everytime.

I have it where trophies didn’t transfer, my guardian rank is at 1, despite that I know I’m at least 181. I think the perks are active. Everything else seems to be working. Just have to download the dlc to be able to use some weapons.

Moved you to the correct section.

If you check the similar threads in this section, there are some workarounds that appear to work for some folk at least. If none of those resolve your issue, please file a support ticket (link is in the pinned thread at the top of this section)