Save games not transferring - and where is the patch?

Hi all,

I downloaded the games on xbox one - they both finished downloading on Thursday - ready to play prior to the Friday release over here in Europe.

When I go to launch the game, there is no update like there is meant to be (no update prompt for either game).
And also, when I try to transfer my save data, it locates my cloud save but then tells me it has failed to import my save character.

Does anyone at Gearbox have any news or help for me? When is Europe getting the day one patches? Surely it should be on day one?
And will my save transfer work once the patch has been downloaded?

Unfortunately I can’t help you with your save transfer issue, but the Patch thing is probably easy.

If you had the game downloaded in advance your XB1 would have also auto-downloaded the patch for you as well ahead of launch day.

Ah great, thanks for that.

Now even more confused why the save game transfer won’t work - had assumed it was due to the fact that the patch hadn’t been applied :confused:

A update for this issue just went into testing yesterday afternoon:

This isn’t quite the same issue.
That ticket is for those who have imported a character but not all data has transferred.

I however cannot even perform the import and get an error when trying to

To make sure – you are trying to upload your characters by launching BL2 or BL:TPS on a previous-gen (360/PS3) console, right? You need to use the in-game feature to get your character available for upload. It doesn’t use the external Xbox “Cloud Save” feature. Hopefully these articles will help:

Yes, that is how I was doing the transfer.

It worked eventually later that night - it may have just been an issue with the launch, as I was trying it only a few hours after the European launch.
All seems to be fine now.