Save is GONE, Cloud Save debacle

The infamous cloud save nightmare has struck me for the first time. is there anyway to recover?

…or did Just lose 50+ hours, a completed campaign, and a bunch of Guardian points. because some GENIUS thinks that clouds saves are almighty and therefore decided we don’t need to keep local files. WTF!

  1. You can turn off cloud saves…I learned this the hard way too.
  2. If it’s a sync issue then sadly it’s gone.
  3. I did see a post saying you may be able to find older cloud saves somewhere in a file I think it was. If I come across it again I’ll link it but i feel it may be buried by now.

Hey just happened to me too. I thought this was supposed to be fixed. Great…

Use the windows feature and restore your saves folder, the one with the big number, to a previous folder version…the latest the better. This is how I circumvented a save and tempsave corrupt files. I only lost a couple of hours and was able to maintain all unlocked stuff…restoring the save file alone worked too but all unlocks were (skins, trinkets…the whole shebang). The best thing is to replace the entire folder.