Save Location Prompt > loss of progress

Upon seeing the save location prompt, I chose to save to machine rather than cloud thinking that it was just asking where I wanted to save from now on not knowing that it would also pull the most recent save from whichever save location I chose rather than the most recent one over all. This being the case I lost about 6-7 hours of gameplay and don’t know how (or even if I can) load the cloud save instead of the machine one and then continue to save to machine?

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save it manually every so often.

  • C:\Users\windows_username\Documents\My Games\Borderlands
  • 3\Saved\SaveGames\bunch of numbers

I know how to save it, what im saying is that I had a save on the cloud that wasnt in my saves in my pc files so when I chose to save to my pc save files rather than epic’s cloud it no longer allowed me to use the most recent save which was on the cloud so I lost all the progress I had between the save that was on the cloud and the last save on my pc

not sure if we are on the same sheet or not. If you had copy and pasted your saves from the hard drive to another directory in your computer you will only lose data to that point. you can simply copy it back.
I know it doesnt solve the issue but might save some pain in the future

Literally the same thing happened to me. Got the save prompt, chose save to machine, lost 4 levels and 4-5 hours of gameplay. Have a running ticket to see if I can get it resolved, but this has majorly killed my desire to play BL3 if I can’t trust that my character progress is retained or randomly lost.