Save my Zane-Build Clinic

So despite the clamoring warning that Zane is the worst playable character in bl3, I’ve been playing with him and at level 48 I feel totally inept. I initially tried this badass build ( but even after farming a few bosses, including gigamind a trillion times, I couldn’t find the rough rider shield, or the infiltrator mod (but got 5 other legendary mods for him). I’ve gone as far as to use the shield skill extensively and it works supremely better IMO without specialized gear. With constant health regeneration, he becomes a fast moving tank. Have you found something that works well for him at level 50? Help me out guys. I don’t wanna cop out on this character :sob:

Edit: Probably should mention I’m playing on Mayhem 4…

I personally don’t consider Paul Tassi the caliber of player whose BL3 advice I would follow. If you want some legit build ideas begin with @flightx3aa YouTube channel then come back to the forums with specific questions and/or trade requests once you’ve tried a few things out.

There is also this resource if you want a better understanding of what some of the top tier gear is for Zane.



Straight up, you’re undergeared for M4.

If you haven’t hit level 50 yet, AND you’e still farming for gear, you simply shouldn’t be there. You aren’t ready yet. Dropping down to M2 or M3 will immensely improve your experience.

Also, the build your looking at is extremely old (Zane has been buffed several times since then) and Paul Tassi is a game journalist. Maybe he is a decent Borderlands player, but more than likely he’s a dude who threw together a build on release that worked semi-well but was nowhere near the max potential of Zane.

I suggest @flightx3aa @kabash @Hexxusz0r for advice.


Thanks @boombumr & @studdugie. I’ve been feeling like I wasn’t playing it right and I don’t have the time committed to not be a total newb. Y’all really saved my whole play experience. Cheers!

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Also, thanks for pointing out misinformation :ok_hand: I will definitely keep away from Forbes for video game advice lol

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Are you on PC or console?

…more like Forbes should stay away from video games. I literally don’t understand why Forbes even shows up as a talking point for any games, let alone this one…

But yeah, whatever @studdugie says will be super helpful

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everyone is welcome to DM me about zane, there is no wrong way to play there is only wrong expectations.

I think you meant to tag me. I forgive you <3

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Sorry :sweat_smile:

What system are you on?