Save problem with my laptop

So I have a game file in my gaming PC with Fl4k and after some time playing i installed the game in my laptop as well, but when i started the game in the laptop my save file with Fl4k was not avalible and i have to start since the begining again but only in the laptop, i still have my save file with Fl4k in the PC but i dont know how to acces that save in my laptop or if i need to do something else.
Pls i need help

I didnt lose my save file, i just cant acces to it in my laptop but i can in my pc, i just need to know how to link the progress in the 2 devices

Oh boi im sorry, i checked the thread and the problem with the crappy cloud save, im going to save everything local in my Pc and start a 2nd character in my laptop, thanks for the advice. TY.

try copying this file onto your laptop : C:\Users\YOUR-NAME\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3

That would be a great idea but when i progress the game in my laptop i need to copy the save file again and again when i progress in the PC, so im going to wait untill a patch arrives and play moze in the laptop