Save quit crash

Lately when I save and quit borderlands 2 it tale me checking for content then it tell me connection failed I puss x unable to do anything thing then after awhile it will let me close that window and go back to the game and crash it will also crash if I just sit at the menu help me

Sounds like a terrible problem :cry: Never had that particular problem on either PS3 or PS4 but if I did I’d try: uninstalling and reinstalling the game? or clearing the cache? (never need to try “clearing the cache” either but I’ve seen descriptions, just google it) Gearbox official support might have ideas, also?

Best of luck, really!

Hum, thought of something else – do you have a lot of different character saves for your game? At some point, on PS3, game said I was at max (all those mules) & couldn’t create more :joy:

I have a save of each character did more testing but it seems to only do this on uvhm and up I was farming the warrior for eridom on normal was able to save and quit no issue true vault Hunter same thing then I went to op 6 and when I save and quit my issue happen it checked for new content failed to connect then few moments later crash

Sounds like something is messed. I would suggest doing the cache clear and a reinstall. If you have your saves synced with the cloud, I’d also consider removing the local save data to force a refresh from the cloud saves.

You can also file a support ticket.