Save quitting Takedown's

If you save quit after starting a Takedown, you will spawn on Sanctuary III. I understand this shouldn’t be a top priority on GBX’s to-do list, but it can be really irritating when trying to farm mid-bosses.

All I want is a nice rolled Asclepius shield. Why do I have to add an extra loading screen to my already poor farming experience. Doesn’t help matters that I’m on Xbox, so these loading screens can really add up.

I just wonder why this mechanic is set up this way. Is it intentional? Or just another overlooked glitch?


too bad you on xbox, i can give you some if you are on ps4.

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I keep getting them with lame annoints. Haven’t seen one yet with an ASE 50 element.

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Maliwan or guardian? It happened on maliwan a few times a month or so ago.

I tested it last night on both Takedown’s. I pulled the lever to start the Takedown, let the door open and save quit. Reload the game to spawn on Sanctuary III from both Takedown’s.

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Yeah this happened to me last night too! I farmed Anathema twice last night for an Asclepius (only twice because damn it still takes close to 15 min) and both times when I save/quit, I respawned on Sanctuary.

This would happen if you save/quit after the Valkyries in the MTD quite a bit too (but not always for some reason?).

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It really puts the brakes on farming, I’m not sure how much attention this really needs compared to other issues but it is something I’m not seeing mentioned.

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This, im on xbox as well and it seems the longer the game is out and added on loading is also longer. Being a mostly single player game its weird they are.


What? You think that you should be able to farm things efficiently in a game ABOUT farming? Why?

Haven’t had the respawns on Sanctuary when dashboarding out, always respawn at the drop pod, when dashboarding during FFYL. I did notice that dashboarding in FFYL does not prevent me from being charged for the respawn. That kind of sucks. The whole point of dashboarding since I’d have to start over was to not also get dinged the 10%.

Graveward says “hi, like loading screens?”

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Try starting the Takedown and then save quitting. I haven’t tried dashboarding, I know with pretty good certainty that save quitting makes you reload to Sanctuary III.

I will