Save suddenly gone

I’ve been playing the same Axton since the game first game out. Last time I played (about three months ago) he was there. I reinstalled Borderlands 2 today and suddenly I have no character. On top of that there are no previous file versions in the save folder. Just, poof! Nine years worth of gameplay, gone.

I’m really kind of frustrated. I don’t want to play through again with a new character or mod my new save. I’d really like my old character back. It says I have some data in the Steam cloud. Is there a way to maybe see if that’s it and force it to load it in? Or is that just settings info?

It just really sucks :frowning:

If you had Steam cloud saves enabled when you played previously, then that may well be what you’re seeing reported. There are several ‘how-tos’ out there, including this one (caveat - not personally tested):

Before you do that, though, do you have Windows Incremental folder backups enabled at all? Or have your documents on/moved to/synced with OneDrive? If so, you may be able to get the files back from there.

I don’t have incremental backups on. I wish I had. I’ve tried everything I’ve found online that people have suggested and I think it’s just gone. My main question is how? How does something that’s been with me since the game debuted and managed to survive two hard drive failures suddenly disappear between game installs?

It’s just frustrating and makes me not want to play it anymore.

By the way-thank you for trying to help. It’s very much appreciated. Aslo, I love the So Long and Thanks For All the Fish reference after your name. Thank you for giving me something to smile about. I just can’t help feeling bummed. I had a lot of memories associated with that character. I wish I’d taken better care of him.