Save transfer? (360 to One)

Is there anyway to transfer 360 saves to Xbox one?

Yes, but you will need a Live subscription to do it.

  • Fire up 360 and sign into profile
  • If not done so already, enable Cloud Sync/Drive
  • Copy saves into the Cloud Sync/Drive
    • make sure you wait for each one to finish uploading to cloud
  • Fire up XB1 and sign into profile
  • Load up Borderlands 1
  • Wait for BL1 saves to be synced
  • You should now be able to see all your synced saves

Where exactly do I enable cloud sync/drive? Settings or Bl1 itself?

It’s part of the 360 system. so go to your system settings. IIRC it’s under “Storage”? Can’t check right now as I’m in a game on the XB1, but you should be able to google “360 cloud storage” and find the official help page.

I get that gearbox doesnt really have anything to do wth this policy, it affects all xbox one backwards compatible games. I also get that having access to the cloud would be a premium option reserved for gold members. But the fact that microsoft purposefully didnt put in a way to transfer saves without the cloud for customers who bought both their console, and the game the saves belong to is exploitation. Its clearly a way to hold your own progress hostage behind a paywall.

People were so excited when microsoft dropped the need for xbox live gold for netflix and youtube, which im glad they did. However, they made it the industry standard to have to pay for online, and THEY decided to charge for youtube and netflix in the first place. Its sad because xbox seems to be listening to gamers more lately since they did a faceplant at the launch of the xbox one. Just remember they will only listen to customers to a point, and that point is only when it is in their best interest financially. I guarentee they will stop being so open to change if or when xbox starts outselling the ps4.

Also, i know im not exactly writing this in a place where one could see it making a difference. But there are plenty of people telling microsoft the same thing on their own website, so i doubt my shpiel would get through regardless. Besides, Borderlands is the game that showed me this as an issue in the first place.

Thanks, I appreciate the help man.