Save Transfer from xbox to pc?

Is there a way to transfer ones save form xbox to pc? I have so much time into the game on xbox. I don’t want to start all over again.

I’m not sure if this is achievable, perhaps through Shift?

On 360, you could just transfer it to a flash drive, but I’m not sure if XB1 has support for this.

There is no legitimate way to move a save file from XB1 to PC. Any other non-legitimate way there might be of achieving this is off-limits for the forums.

Nope. Not sure if that’s a restriction on the part of GBX or MS. I know when the Handsome Collection came out, the upload from 360 was one way on because MS insisted on that restriction.

Honestly, it’s too bad BL3 didn’t come out as a ‘play anywhere’ title on XB1/PC, but I’m guessing the Epic launch exclusive deal on PC scuppered the chance of that happening.

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I didn’t know of any way to make it work. Glad to see a bit more formal answer