Saved games in all borderlands games

I have lost saved games twice on my pc. This last time is just to much to bear for me. The first time was probably my fault, but this time was an overnight thing and as the next morning my three games from the Borderlands series were gone. The first time Shift did get my golden keys back, but everything else was lost. I have my games on a A: drive which is a hard disk. Windows is my C: drive which is solid state. I’ve heard two stories about where the saved games are stored. Would it be on my A: or C:: drives???

Should be on your C: drive in a /mygames/Borderlands/ willowgame folder. The mygames folder is in some documents or programs folder.
Sorry I can’t help you further, I would tell you exactly where it is but I’m not at my PC right now.
Maybe try googling ‘Borderlands PC save location’.