Saved Keys From BL2, can we use them in BL3?

So now that I am playing the DLC I remember I do have like 98 keys I never did use… I guess I got stuck in a groove with my “fave setups” and just didn’t use them.

Will keys be used in BL3? will they carry over? I saw some early threads on this, but nothing new, any ideas?

Most unlikely. You can’t transfer keys between BL2, TPS, and the BL1 remaster, so I doubt you’d be able to do that with BL3 either.

hmm… in that case I am going to go on a drunken shopping spree with them in the DLC

Sounds like a plan. You may also want to use a bunch if you’re going to go all the way to the new level caps (level 80 + OP10).

I have over 200 keys for bl2 still. Keep getting more every couple weeks. I only used them during dry spells which always seemed to be between level 50-61. After i got a couple toons leveled i passed the gear on to new ones.

I got a purple torgue lance from it once. Man was it nasty, wrecked anything. Also got my first ravenger from it. I miss the lance and ravenger. Only purple close is the maliwan terminater. I keep a couple in my inventory. Quick charge up and wrecks annoited enemys nicely.