Saved Respec layout

It would be nice to be able to save a respec so I dont have to go and do it manually every time I want to run something different.


I was just thinking along these lines yesterday. With Mayhem encouraging trying out different builds, you’d think loadouts would be in the works. Some way to swap both builds and gear in an efficient manner.

They couldn’t let you do it on the fly, but maybe at a fast travel point at least. Then you could adapt to the variables for that zone without being able to constantly swap per situation throughout the map (which would be OP).

100% this. Would be a great feature.

This is already a feature in Diablo 3 and it is very convenient so I’m not sure why it can’t be a thing here

Dual specialization. It was so cool when it became a feature in WoW. BL3 could greatly benefit from it.

Definitely agree. Some sort of “loadout” system would be awesome. Make it cost a respec fee, I don’t care. Make it only changeable at fast travel points, too, so it’s not swappable on the fly (which would be OP). But then, you could actually adapt and “try new builds” like they say they want for Mayhem modes instead of having a bland one size fits all, jack of all trades build.

I’m not so sure on the fast travel being capable of switching skill loadouts part, but being able to save builds like that sounds like a good feature. Maybe make a maximum of three builds. Definitely support this as I could compare two builds that are very similar easily. Just make it have a smaller fee though.

I’m only suggesting being able to do it at fast travel points because you don’t know the Mayhem modifiers before you get there and there’s usually only 1 fast travel point at the very beginning of the map. In practical terms, this wouldn’t be different than switching at Sanctuary and then zoning in. But Gearbox has said they want the Mayhem modifiers to encourage us trying different builds, but how can we tailor builds to the modifiers if we don’t know the modifiers until after we’re locked into a build?

You’re right, that is a bit of a paradox. I think they’re thoughts were more on adapting playstyle, not builds. But at the same time, if we’re just constantly changing our build to suit the next few minutes, just to change it again, are we really experimenting?

I’d love this. Currently I have 2 lv 50 moze and 2 lv 50 amara just for the sake of keeping builds how I like them and not constantly respecing and muling gear. One character/build for keeps and my second is to experiment on. Having a loadout option would be really nice! Inventory space would be a bit strapped though if you had 3 different loadout options using 3 wildly different play styles in one character though.

That may just be the price to pay for multiple loadouts, unless we’re also going to be given a backpack of 100 slots along with the 1000 bank spaces people want.

Even if we had savable loadouts, i don’t think this would change for me. I had at least 2 of each character at op8 on BL2, and 5+ of Gaige, Zer0, and Maya for this reason. I like thinking of them as completely different characters, like different head/skin, all that.

That being said, i would absolutely love to be able to save specs. I am constantly changing amara for mobbing and bosses.

With all of the bugs that are outstanding in the current version of this game, I do not want them mucking around with my character builds to add an inessential new feature.

We should be careful what we ask for…

It could wait for once most of the bugs are fixed and for future updates then.

Fair enough. After I can junk/favorite items in my backpack, and play splitscreen without losing my fast travel stations, and boot up my game without trepidation that my bank is wiped, I will look forward to that new feature.

Ha, yes, agreed.