Saved up points

I have 22,950 vip points and I want all 3 bl3 gun rewards should I just get them now or wait until the day before release in case something new gets added?

I don’t believe anything new is currently planned to be added, pre-release at least.

There is a few bugs with the VIP thing though since I’d advise holding back right now.

Ok thanks

28k points here, ready to be big spender

Based on past experience. They don’t plan it to favor “the keepers”.
Use your keys, throw that old gun… spend your points!
I am keeping (most of) them for release though. Didn’t spent a lot of effort gathering codes either.
I’ll probably keep a minimum of 4000 pts in bank. Just in case. But probably not much more.

Just remember that all BL3 guns that you can currently buy on the VIP site are locked at level 10.

I know but they are exclusives so I really want them and I’m curious if they have special parts or abilities

I say, SPEND THEM! Lol. There’s tons of ways to get more points daily and GBX gives them out like candy so you won’t be losing out.

So far I bought all 3 of the BL3 weapons as well as Amara’s skin and I have around 15/17K points. Some people are holding out in hopes to get golden keys. I think I may get the Moze skin and head as well. The rest are meh to me.

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I’m ready for BL3 keys :smiley:

Well I have 51,500 points so far

I only have near 17K but thus far there’s nothing I want to spend it on.

Should I be expecting the legendary bl3 gun to appear in my rewards?
Ive had 8 ticks for 2 weeks now and nothing, I even redeemed a 9th just to be sure and still nothing

I don’t have it either. When I contacted support, they told me I will recieve the gun no matter what if I got 8 of 8 checkmarks.

I feel like a dumbass because I’d always spend my points when I got them :joy: I have 9600 now lmao

That’s me, but with money :smiley:

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I feel you on a spiritual level lmao