[Savegame] All items gone

Hey guys,

I bought BL3 this week and i am playing with great joy.
But everytime when i start the game i get the savegame data issue. (select the cloud data or local data). Even if I close the game properly the day before.
But now i just logged in, selected the most recent savegame.
and now all my items en cash is gone. The skills and ammo are still there.
Is there a way to fix this? It’s annoying!!!

I recommend not using cloud save and do backups of your local save games regularly.

Or… they fix the system :wink:

But how do i save locally? there isn’t a save button or anything

You can find your save files in this location: “C:\Users\name\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames”

I usually copy paste the files inside regularly in case anything gets corrupted or i encounter issues with the bank. Just open a “backup” folder and drop the files there.

Sure, it would be best if they prevent anything weird happening to files. Until then I make backups.

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Use the windows feature which allows you to restore a folder to a previous version of that folder. Try to restore your save folder (the one with the long number) to a previous version, it worked for me.