Savegames Wiped

That’s official, Epic Cloud system is just a big crap.
I play Borderlands on 2 computers (one at home, one in another location)
Allmost Each time I have to resynch the saves, if I forgot to manualy trigger the synch before launching the game.

But this morning, when I manually udpate the save, the sync locked the launcher, saves are not updated at all.
So I move the saves in another location, and ask the system to update from the cloud, and it do nothing… After 3 or 4 tries, I miss click and launch the game.
So, the game create a new and the cloud is now perfectly synch… without any saves but the profile.

I suspect, when I’ll be at home this evening that if I try to launch the game, all will be wiped. I lost a full evening of boring farming to get special stuff.

We don’t have any control on what file is unsynch, the launcher is running all the time on both computers and is allways online, but when open the launcher, then launch the game too fast, I can play without getting the latest cloud files, that’s a completely stupid behavior…

I never saw something like that with steam, and I think I’ll have to configure another cloud system to bypass this crappy system.
I use my synology cloud system for other non cloud game, and I never saw bugs like that.

I hope I could backup my latest home saves before the cloud decide to wipe them tonight…
I have around 300h of playtime, loosing all that is just not acceptable.
Hopefully I do some backup, but when epic says he fix the cloud bug, I stop a bit my backup.